Welcome to the 
Naper Carriage Hill Homeowners Association 
home page!

Welcome to our new neighbors moving into NCH
this year!
If you have interest in attending our 
multiple events, 
please email [email protected] and we
can get you all squared away  with membership, 
a copy of the directory and onto our email
distribution list.

Naper Carriage Hill Homeowners Association is strictly a
social organization. Homeowners join because 
they want to keep our landscaping near
our NCH signs 
professional and to be
a part of a community.

Your Family Membership is only $45.00 a year 
for your family and you can join anytime.

Your Boomer Membership is only $20 a year
for your retired and no kids household and you can
 join anytime.

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Members receive email updates, reminders
about members-only events, access to
members-only Facebook group, and
an annual directory of our member

Click here to find out what is included
 in membership.