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Old Fashioned Christmas Caroling

At our house the holiday wouldn't be quite as magical without the sounds of the season! We'd like to share the joy of this age old holiday tradition with kids from one to 92, singing fun old favorites as we wander the sidewalks of NCH. 

Please RSVP here (https://www.facebook.com/events/1493500340945489/)  and then send me (Meg Torres) 
a private message in Messenger, or an email.  

As soon as our song list is compiled I will send out lyric sheets to everyone. But don't worry about memorizing them! I will also provide songbooks on the day of the event! 

This is casual, low-key (and often off-key) holiday fun for everyone in the family! Bring your mittens and your hats, your hot cocoa and your wagon and we will spread holiday cheer together. Let's make this a holiday tradition!

~Meg Torres