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Board Members

    Email [email protected] with any questions.

    President              Barbara Thomas - Breakfast with Santa, Trunk or Treat, Welcome Wagon
    Vice President      Christina Schachner - Breakfast with Santa, Trunk or Treat, 4th of July Bike Parade, Easter Egg Hunt
    Treasurer              Carolyn Castro
    Webmaster           Randy Thomas - NCH Fantasy Football League
    Event Coordinator - Cheryl Walk - Deck Crawl, Membership Drive
    Event Coordinator - Colleen Fitzgerald - Fall Fest, National Night Out
    Event Coordinator - Dan Fitzgerald - Membership Drive, Neighborhood Garage Sale
    Event Coordinator - Mindy Bjork - Deck Crawl, Breakfast with Santa
    Event Coordinator - Megan Dickerson - Breakfast with Santa, National Night Out, Welcome Wagon
    Event Coordinator - Kelly Nolan - Fall Fest
    Event Coordinator - Tracy Peck - 4th of July Bike Parade
    Event Coordinator - Stephanie Bay - Easter Egg Hunt
    Event Coordinaror - Dave Nash - NCH Fantasy Football League