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Looking to make a little extra money

for house projects, vacation, bills or kids activities? 

Sell your unwanted or broken gold or silver. 

Make even more money by hosting a gold party and help your friends make money too. 

My average gold party host makes $500 just for hosting a party! These parties are fun and profitable! 

It’s a party where you and your friends make money!


Nothing to buy!  No presentation!

People walk away with checks for several hundred dollars for the sale of unwanted chains, rings, etc. 

We also buy sterling silver jewelry, flatware sets, silver coins (1964 or earlier). 

You would be surprised by the treasures you may find in your home and how much they are worth. 
Individual sales can be done in the comfort of your own home. 

We also do fundraisers.

For details contact:
Cynthia Flessner
Independent Gold Buyer, Gold Rush Girls
630 917-6581
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Brian O'Dowd

5th grade teacher in D203
11 years teaching experience
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