• Many NCH traditions have been created for members and are included in your annual dues like Trunk or Treat, Easter Egg Hunt, and Breakfast with Santa
  • Adults-Only events like the Fall Adult Deck Crawl where we have appetizers, dinner, then dessert at 3 different homes in the neighborhood
  • Low HOA dues of $45.00 for family or $25.00 for the boomer household [age 60+ with no children living at home]
  • Annual dues pays for required landscaping maintenance by our Naper Carriage Hill entry signs
  • Annual directory with information about the neighborhood, members contact information, babysitters, and a way to look up other services offered by your neighbors
  • Annual garage sale every summer where you can get your house on the map
  • Make new friends with your neighbors
  • A chance to do charitable work in your community
  • Naper Carriage Hill seasonal newsletter
  • Emails from the Board about City of Naperville and neighborhood subjects like: Leaf collection, lost pets, landscaping tips, garage sales, and other events in and around the area
The Naper Carriage Hill Homeowners Association is committed to improving the lives of our fellow homeowners. The purpose of the association is to act as a resource for important city and neighborhood information as well as to coordinate the numerous social activities throughout the year.
Membership is open to all homeowners living within the boundaries of the Naper Carriage Hill Subdivision. As a member you can attend many social events, receive email updates throughout the year, access to the membership directory, and an invite to our Facebook group.

You can also keep up with the latest information by signing up for access to our neighborhood at Nextdoor.

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